The Grounding Crystal Grid

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You will receive the exact grid and crystals pictured in the listing. The grid has been hand drawn and wood burned in an intentionally designed sacred geometry pattern. In addition to the grid itself, you will receive grid setup instructions, how to use the grid,  information about each crystal’s properties, a clear quartz activation wand, and affirmations to go along with your grid’s intention. 


What is a crystal grid?

Crystal grids are intentional arrangements of crystals intended to manifest a desired energy. The combined energies of each stone in a specific arrangement amplifies their energy and allows for powerful healing and manifestation.


The Grounding Grid includes a smoky quartz tower, hematite, smoky quartz, red jasper, and clear quartz crystals on a Metatron's Cube sacred geometry grid. This grid was created with the intention to ground and balance your energy so you can maintain stability and composure even in challenging times. Grounding is associated with the root chakra and is the process of centering ourselves and reconnecting with the Earth's energy. 

Grid measures approximately 7 x 8 inches