About Cosmic Geology

Welcome to Cosmic Geology! My name is Emilie and I began my business in early 2020. I have been creating art my entire life, from coloring as a child to AP Studio Art in high school. However when it came time for college, I chose to pursue a degree in geology because of my love for nature, rocks, and national parks. I graduated from Kent State University in 2020 with my degree in geology. Cosmic Geology was born around the same time, when I was called to follow my dream of starting a crystal business, inspired by my love for geology and lifelong fascination with the universe and all things metaphysical. I love hand picking the highest quality crystals from across the world to bring to my customers, and sharing knowledge about the geologic and metaphysical properties of each one. My mission is to combine my art, geology knowledge, and metaphysical properties of crystals to create a full experience that appreciates the beauty of crystals from every angle. Cosmic Geology perfectly encompasses all of my passions into one creation that I couldn't be more excited about. 
While I love everything about running my business, I feel especially enthusiastic about product photography. I love creating images that are bright, colorful, and bring happiness to anyone who sees them! I love experimenting with color in both my art and products. 


I'm passionate about carrying only the highest quality, authentic crystals in my shop and educating others to do the same. I started my YouTube channel with the intention to share the geologic properties of the crystals I sell, as well as how to identify low quality pieces and fakes on the market. My goal is to help educate other crystal sellers and buyers on what to look for when selecting crystals, and how to avoid scams. With my videos, I aim to use my background in geology to help other crystal enthusiasts learn about geology in a simple, fun, and entertaining way. I hope by creating educational content, I can do my part in combatting misinformation in my field. 


Crystals have been a huge inspiration in my art since I started my crystal inspired fluid painting series in 2018. My favorite medium to work with is acrylic paint, but I'm always experimenting with new mediums such as wire wrapping, wood burning, candle making, embroidery, digital art and more. 
In 2019 and 2021 I was proud to show my work professionally during the Lincolnshire Art Fest.
When I'm not running my business, I love hanging out with my cats, visiting national parks, baking and collecting houseplants. Thank you so much for checking out my shop!