what does each crystal shape represent?

what does each crystal shape represent?

Have you ever found yourself drawn to a specific shape of crystal and wondering what it means? Or have you been looking to buy crystals, but wonder what shape is right for you? In this article we're going to look into the most common crystal shapes, what they represent, and how to best use them. 

If you're new to crystals, try not to feel overwhelmed about all the different options. You can buy and use any shape of crystal you would like, there is no right or wrong. If you are working with crystals for healing purposes, you can achieve your goals using any crystal shapes; your intention and the stone you chose is the most important part! It’s best to do what feels right for you and what you enjoy. Different shapes don’t change the energy of the crystal, but it changes where the energy is directed and how it’s used. Using specific shapes intentionally can also add energy and momentum to your intention.



Tumbles are the perfect type of crystal for beginners, as they allow you to experiment with many different stones and their energy before committing to larger pieces. But tumbles aren't only for beginners, they are well loved by all crystal collectors! Filling a bag with tumbles is great for working with many different crystals energies without taking up too much space. They are perfect for keeping in your pocket, purse or car. 


Worry stones

Worry stones are small, usually oval shaped stones with an indent in the center. They are intended to be held and rubbed with your thumb to calm you down and release anxiety. Similar to tumbles, worry stones are great for keeping in your pocket or taking with you on the go. 



Also known as points, generators or obelisks, towers are great for creating concentrated energy. Because of the point at the top, towers focus and direct the crystal's energy in a specific direction. This makes them great for amplifying energy and your intentions. Towers are great for keeping around the house, manifestation rituals, reiki, or using in a crystal grid. 



Similar to towers, wands are also pointed at the end except they are terminated on both ends. Wands send energy in both directions and bridge the gap between two different energies to move you closer to your desires. Wands are able to absorb energy from one end, and transmute it out the other. This unique crystal shape is said to be a connector from the physical to the spiritual world. 




Spheres are one of the most magical and well loved crystal shapes. Spheres can be used as a real life crystal ball for scrying purposes and strengthening your psychic abilities. Their gentle energy fills a room and sends good vibes in all directions. Resembling the earth and other planets, spheres also represent life force energy and the circle of life. 



It comes as no surprise that heart shaped crystals are connected to the heart chakra, and are great for manifesting love. They are also useful for meditation as they provide peace and healing energy. Heart shaped crystals bring balance and harmony to their environment. 



Pyramids represent the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. Their strong, stable base provides grounding energy and an anchor for your manifestations. The point at the top provides focused, directed energy which makes this shape great for the center of a crystal grid. Pyramids are useful for filtering out negative energy within a space. 


Palm stones

Palm stones are perfect for holding while meditating or doing energy healing. Holding these perfectly shaped crystals allows you to focus and concentrate on your intentions. Palm stones are also great for keeping under your pillow to remove anxiety, ward of negative energy and nightmares, and help you achieve restful sleep.



Many people prefer raw crystals over polished ones to fully appreciate the crystal as it came out of the earth. Raw crystals and geodes have a more grounding energy, and may even have stronger and more pure energy. 



Egg shapes represent fertility, healing and balance. They are great for doing healing work related to family, stability and life force energy. Working with crystal eggs is great if you are working to bring a new idea or energy into your reality. 



Freeform shapes make great statement pieces and decor as they fill the whole room with their energy. 


Charging plates

Crystal charging plates are almost always made of selenite, as selenite has a cleansing energy that clears and recharges other crystals. Charging plates are useful for keeping other crystals on top of when they are in need of cleansing or an energy boost. 




Crystal knives or daggers may seem like a fun shape that doesn't have any deeper meaning, however they can be very useful in certain rituals and practices! Knives are symbolic and can be used for cord cutting rituals to remove negative attachments from your energy field. 




There is no limit to the different types of crystal carvings you will see on the market! There are so many fun carvings out there such as animals, mushrooms, stars, moons, strawberries, cubes, flames, even Pokemon! While not every single carving has a specific meaning to it, you may find them to be special to you! These other shapes can still be used for healing purposes as they still have powerful crystal energy, but they can also be just for fun and make great home decor. 


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