essential crystals for your collection

essential crystals for your collection

Clear quartz 

Clear quartz is known as the master healer and has the ability to amplify energies surrounding it. It holds a high vibration and is excellent for manifesting and aligning to your highest self. Clear quartz is undoubtedly powerful and used in every day items such as watches and computers. Quartz pairs well with just about any other crystal to amplify and strengthen its energy. It is essential if you are looking for a crystal to bring clarity, balance, harmony, and alignment to your life. 


Rose quartz 

Rose quartz carries a gentle and loving energy, allowing us to give more love to ourselves and others. Rose quartz assists in creating strong friendships and relationships based in unconditional love. It helps to heal struggling relationships and is especially great for self love. Rose quartz restores harmony in our lives and connections. When working with rose quartz, you may find it easier to connect deeply with others and create lasting relationships. 

Smoky quartz 

Smoky quartz is the perfect stone for gentle grounding and protection. It helps us to release old emotional baggage while dispelling negative energy. Smoky quartz can help detoxify the body and energy field, allowing us to rise above the challenges and circumstances that are holding us back. Smoky quartz offers stability and connection to the Earth while we move forward on our path. 



Amethyst is known for being the purple variety of quartz, but actually comes in a wide range of hues, including black or red. Amethyst is a great stone for stress relief and balancing emotions. It is believed that amethyst even has the ability to prevent intoxication by keeping us aware of our body and surroundings. It is an amazing stone for meditation and expanding our spiritual awareness. Amethyst is a strong protector against psychic attack and negative people. 



Citrine may be the best crystal for manifestation, especially manifesting wealth and abundance. Citrine is the golden variety of quartz and is actually quite uncommon and often faked. To learn more about citrine and spotting the fakes, read our article all about it HERE. This is the perfect crystal to bring optimism, joy, success, and confidence into your life. 


Fluorite is a beautiful crystal that can be found in many different colors. Fluorite is excellent for clearing the fog in our minds, and allowing us to focus. Its energy allows us to think clearly and make better decisions. If you are unsure of your path or what to do next in life, fluorite will help you to see the situation clearly and make the best choice. Fluorite is the perfect stone for students or people who have difficulty staying focused. 



With just one look at labradorite you can tell it is an amazingly magical stone! Labradorite is great for strengthening intuition and psychic abilities. It is a stone of transformation, allowing us the strength to persevere through challenging times. Labradorite also provides spiritual protection while exploring your gifts and other realms. When working with labradorite, you can expect to see more magic around you as you connect more deeply with the universe. 



Carnelian is an energizing stone that increases creativity and passion. It increases the flow of your energy and enthusiasm for life. Carnelian can also boost your self confidence and self esteem. It is the perfect stone if you are feeling sluggish, or need an extra motivation boost on a new project. In ancient times, carnelian was used for courage and power. 


Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is an extremely powerful stone for grounding and protection. Black tourmaline absorbs negative energies, while keeping you feeling safe and secure. It is a great stone to carry with you throughout the day, especially if you are in contact with many people. It will protect your energy so that you don't bring any negativity back home with you. Black tourmaline works well with other crystals to bring their energy down to Earth, and to keep you grounded and present while working with them. 



Obsidian is another extremely powerful protection stone that works as a shield against negativity. Working with obsidian makes you nearly untouchable to negative energies that you affect you. It also works to heal negativity within you by removing energy blocks and traumas. Obsidian helps to keep us grounded even through chaotic times. 



Selenite is the perfect energy cleansing stone. It works to cleanse your energy and any crystal that is placed upon it. Selenite has a peaceful, calming energy with deep healing abilities. It helps you to release anxiety and worry so you can live in your highest potential. It cleanses all chakras and works to remove energy blockages from your body. 



Sodalite promotes self expression, clear communication, and mental clarity. Working with sodalite can increase intuition, support inner peace, improve emotional balance, and allow you to express your truth. Sodalite is great for deep thought and understanding. It also increases psychic ability and helps with spiritual work. You may experience visions or new insight when using sodalite. 


Tiger's eye 

The energy of tiger's eye brings protection, good luck, and courage. It is useful for balancing emotions so you can make decisions with a clear mind. It boosts will power and confidence. Tiger's eye is also fantastic for attracting wealth and abundance. This stone assists you in releasing your fears so you can persevere through all obstacles. 


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